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Morgan Document Security

Morgans, previously recognised as one of Northern Ireland's most successful removals firms, is now focusing its business solely on secure storage, archiving and retrieval of documents, files and data.

Morgan Document Security, based in East Belfast, is a locally owned company, run today by the great grandchildren of John Morgan – it is a family business which understands the Northern Ireland market and it has the facilities to guarantee security, speed and peace of mind for every client.

Our focus is on providing clients with a secure, reliable and hassle-free solution to all their document management needs - whether for long term storage or for more active management of working files. For many clients, Morgan's records centre is treated as an extension of their own offices, being used to store and recall customer or patient records on a daily basis - a service which demands the strictest security and accuracy.

Services include Secure Document Storage, Document Archiving and Retrieval, Secure Shredding, Digital Data Storage, Document Scanning and Document Tracking Technology.

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